Tuesday, September 15, 2009

2009 Call for Compositions CFMTA Vocal Winner - Maple Dust

American-Canadian Composer Martha Hill Duncan recently won the Vocal Award at 2009 Call for Compositions by the Canadian Federation of Music Teachers' Association (CFMTA). This song is written for RCM Grade 4 -6 level singer and can be purchased directly from Martha at www.marthahillduncan.com.

Here is the video recording we did a few weeks ago:


Anonymous said...

Look at me on the internet reading your blog. I can feel myself getting super smart by the second!

3 things:
1) I LOVE, Love your shirt in the video, good choice. I definitely approve.
2) The song is pretty, and the singing fabulous!!!!
3) To the post I read right before this one. Re: Studio Policy....I personally feel the endless chatter/banter is needed. Where else are you going to get harassed for an hour straight?!...also, you forgot to mention in the research aspect of the song, what clothing was in style is super important!

Seriously, your blog is great. This is why you're such a wonderful teacher.

Elizabeth McDonald said...

You are TOO funny! Glad you like my shirt...it was a Winners special (shhhh!).

You are right about the chatter in a lesson but for me, I have to work hard at not making it a social hour. I enjoy all my students and hearing about their lives (keeps me young and informs me as a Mom BUT, I would not be doing my job if that was all we did :-)

As for clothes, there has always been a debate about appropriate audition dress vs. recital dress vs. oratorio dress. I remember a MC with Allison Pybus of IMG who said sopranos shouldn't wear pants only mezzos auditioning for pants roles...her reason was that most men (that is who is casting the roles) don't have enough imagination to see past the clothes (!). My bottom line is if i can see something that makes me uncomfortable (your breasts, the inside of your thigh, the crease of your toes in shoes that are too small...) you shouldn't be wearing it!!!

I always say, we hear with our eyes before the singer even opens their mouth...so what does your outfit say about you?

Cheers and thanks for discussing!

From the voice of....