Thursday, September 3, 2009

NATS Partners with Classical Singer Magazine and YAP Tracker

This just in from NATS:

NATS Board of Directors has entered into new partnership agreements that provide increased benefits to EVERY ACTIVE NATS member starting this fall. With these new partnerships alone the value of NATS membership is nearly doubled. Would you like a FREE subscription to Classical Singer Magazine valued at $53 per year? How about a 15% discount on a subscription to YAP Tracker, the leading Young Artist Program and Competition service? Both of these are now important benefits of NATS membership....

As we all try to stay abreast of the latest trends in voice research, teaching methods, and the real world skills our students need to succeed, we believe NATS, Classical Singer, and YAP Tracker provide a unique set of important resources for all teachers of singing.

I agree that this is an important value-added service from NATS. Looks like they are trying to expand their membership and are open to new ideas!


Anonymous said...

Hi! This isn't related to the post, but I wanted to say how much I enjoy and value your blog. I'm beginning my post-secondary voice studies this year, and have learned a lot from your blog. Thanks for writing!

Elizabeth McDonald said...

So glad to get the feedback! Thanks for reading and good luck with your studies!


PS - if you like, keep us posted on your progress, your expectations, and your experiences!

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