Monday, September 28, 2009

Making the Cut: Tips on Winning the Post-Secondary Audition

For those of you who regularly follow this blog, you will have noticed a big push to attended the recent Ontario NATS event titled "Making the Cut: An informational seminar for high-school students wanting more information about universities and colleges in Ontario".

Yesterday was the big day organized by Ontario NATS VP of Special Projects, baritone Todd Wieczorek . This event was a well executed and informative afternoon that offered a great deal of advice to future voice majors, their parents and the teachers that prepare them for the auditions!

I will take this week to review the information that was presented by each of the 8 schools in attendance and post the questions and answers posed to the panel by the moderator (Todd) and the floor.

The following schools were in attendance (in order of presentation):
  1. The Glenn Gould School, Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto
  2. Department of Music, Brock University, St. Catherine's
  3. School of Music, University of Ottawa, Ottawa
  4. Don Wright Faculty of Music, University of Western Ontario, London
  5. Faculty of Music, Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo
  6. Department of Music, York University, Toronto
  7. Faculty of Music, University of Toronto, Toronto
  8. Department of Music, Cambrian College, Sudbury

Finally, please note that the information is based on the notes I took and should not be taken as gospel. If you have any questions, please contact the school directly for answers! I will provide contact information for each school.

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