Saturday, September 3, 2011

Stats and YAPs

782 Application
424 Auditions Granted
16 Singers CHOSEN

Those are the stats that made up Wolf Trap Opera this summer....and many other YAPs.  Just another reason to get yourself in gear for the upcoming academic year.

Aside from singing full roles at WTOC, singers are learning lots of skills according to Director, Kim Pensinger Witman:

"...Here they're also learning time-management skills... and they're also networking. It's not just that you're meeting people who will give you jobs later on, but you're making connections with your peers who will journey through the business with you, and they support one another which is a big deal. We are increasingly trying to help them develop their business skills. We do head shot and portfolio sessions; we give them website building advice and social networking seminars. You need to handle all this until you get a manager, and even after you have a manager, you have to understand all this to know if your manager is doing a good job. We're now realizing how much it will help them if they have some traction with the business side."

Read the whole article by Susan Dormady Eisenberg at the Huffington Post here.

...and BTW, the deadline for applying for the 2012 season is SEPTEMBER 16 for NYC auditions but alas, you must be a US citizen or have a work permit..*sigh*

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