Thursday, March 3, 2011

COC @ the BAM

COC's Production of Stravinsky's Nightingale and Other Short Fables (2011)

Puppets, water, Robert Lepage, COC and the BAM - too many acronyms and how do they connect?  The Canadian Opera Company took Robert Lepage's production of Stravinsky's Nightingale on the road to the Brooklyn Academy of Music this week:

As Mr. Lepage continues to unveil his production of Wagner’s “Ring” at the Met, he is sure to win some new admirers with this Canadian Opera Company production. Whatever one thinks of his “Ring,” and opinion has been mixed, that he is an enormously gifted director cannot be denied.
Read the rest of the review in the New York Times here.

UPDATE: Read about the company's time in NYC on their blog Parlando. Lots of backstage photos and cast info!

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