Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Canadian Phillipe Sly takes home top prize at MET Audition Finals

Congratulations to young Canadian bass baritone Philippe Sly for being one of the 5 winners of Sunday's MET Opera National Council Audition Finals.

Anthony Tommasini of the New York Times hits the nail on the head when it comes to judging young singers:

But judging singers in their 20s is truly difficult, especially with so much at stake for the finalists, including a $15,000 cash prize for each winner. Comparably gifted pianists in their 20s are much more likely to be technically assured and finished performers. Operatic voices, though, need long nurturing. Most young singers are still working out elements of their technique. Inevitably, the judges for these auditions are assessing the potential of the finalists as much as their actual performances. Moreover, as was made clear by the documentary film “The Audition,” which followed the last round of the 2007 competition, performing in this concert could not be more high-pressure.

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