Thursday, April 15, 2010

A voice you MUST hear: Soprano Sondra Radvanovsky

American born, Canadian resident soprano Sondra Radvanovsky has been in the press a lot recently. From her cover of Toronto's Wholenote magazine in March to promote her Roy Thompson Hall recital to recent postings on the blog sphere from Opera Chic (who loves her, which is good) and Life's a Pitch, Radvanovsky  is generating some much deserved buzz on the Canadian opera scene as she launches her new Verdi Arias CD and announces her first Aida for her debut with the Canadian Opera Company.

After downloading the free offering from OC of Radvanovsky's Tacea la notte (Trovatore), I immediately went to iTunes and downloaded the album.  THIS is a voice you must hear!  The laser-like focus of the sound is light and agile while the colour of the voice is dark and bloomy...she can float the top of the voice like no other singer while keeping the ping in the sound.  Have a listen to track 2, D'amor sull'aria (also from Trovatore) and you will hear this incredible ability to bring the voice to a point at pianissimo that had me pulling my car over on the 401 so I could really listen!

Attention young singers - LISTEN to how she sings and it is all there!

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