Saturday, April 17, 2010

Summer Plans? Check out VISI

This just in from the Vancouver International Song Institute:

"Teaching Art Song from the Inside Out"

5 days of Extraordinary Immersion

School of Music, University of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC. Canada 

"I feel inspired enlightened, reinvigorated, encouraged with a new sense of belonging, and I return to my teaching with new ideas and renewed passion"

We invite you to join us this June in beautiful Vancouver, BC for:
  • A banquet of ideas and explorations of innovation and interdisciplinary pedagogy in Art Song Interpretation Training and Performance Practices.
  • An international convergence of artists and scholars for classes, concerts, and conversations.
"Teaching Art Song from the Inside Out" highlights the pedagogy and philosophy of poetic and theatrical elements in Art Song, creative collaborative partnership skills, emerging research in vocal science, alternate career paths for young artists in therapeutic environments, and the psychological and ethical questions that emerge when deep artistic training challenges interpersonal boundaries.

Speakers include PROFESSOR SCOTT MCCOY, President of NATS, Professor of Voice and Pedagogy, Director of the Presser Music Center Voice Laboratory, and author of the voice science and pedagogy textbook, Your Voice: An Inside View. FRANÇOIS LE ROUX, Director of the Centre de la Mélodie Française, SIMA GODFREY AND KEVIN MCNEIILLY, UBC Literature professors, DR. LEONARD GEORGE, psychologist and author, BARBARA HEYMAN, author of the definitive biography of Samuel Barber, DEBORAH STEIN, co-author of "From Poetry to Song", DARRYL EDWARDS, Professor of Voice and AIRS researcher at the University of Toronto, and many more share the roster.

The retreat also includes auditing of masterclasses with visiting artists such as singers JULIE SIMSON, BENJAMIN BUTTERFIELD, ROSEMARIE LANDRY, and FRANÇOIS LE ROUX, pianists CAMERON STOWE, KENNETH GRIFFITHS, and more. See our full roster of artists and presenters on our website.

June 11, 12, 13, and 15 offer Art Song concerts by the VISI faculty artists with commentary by musicologists and performers. June 14th is an optional private dinner and conversation for Retreat participants and select faculty.

More information and the Retreat Schedule are available on the web. REGISTER NOW at this link.

The early-bird online registration fee until May 15th is $200 for the full five-day program, including concerts and June 14th dinner. Fee is $250 from May 16 through June 11th. Daily drop-in tickets can be purchased at the door at any time: $10 for morning classes, $20 for afternoon classes, concerts $20, June 14th dinner $35 (please register for dinner by June 12th at VISI).

Bring your ideas and join the conversation at VISI in June!
Rena Sharon
Artistic Director, Vancouver International Song Institute

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