Friday, March 30, 2012

Opera V Mana: Training Program in Montreal

I received this notice in my inbox this week from Montreal company Opera V Mana.  I had never heard of them but see that my University of Toronto colleagues Lorna MacDonald and Daniel Taylor are doing master classes this summer! 

Opera V Mana's mandate is an old story: provide a more training for singers....but they are upping the acting quota AND they have a cool name (V=Voice and MANA = supernatural force).  Check out their posting below:

AUDITIONS NOTICE(french below)

Due to a student strike in Québec, Opera VMana auditions in Montreal have been postponed to April 11th 2012 (April 12th if needed). You have until April 6th to send your application form and until April 12th to send your free Audio or Video recording application if you cannot attend the live auditions.

OPERA VMANA-Summer Program

The summer program offers a unique training on essential skills for opera singers that are not always taught in universities programs.

-    Acting (theatre, monologue, improvisation, stage combat and staged opera scenes)
-    Body awareness (dance, yoga, Feldenkreis, Alexander Technique)
-    Voice (coaching, french and Italian diction, masterclasses)
-    Career management (lectures on promotional material with a publicist, audition techniques, The Singer and the Conductor, The Business of Singing)

We will offer masterclasses with reknowned Canadian singers such as Daniel Taylor, Mark Pedrotti, Lorna MacDonald, Lyne Fortin (among others). We also offer optional voice lesson packages with our affiliated teachers, Lyne Fortin and Julie Daoust.

For further information and to apply to the program, please visit

Maude Brunet et Nadine Guertin
Founders and directors, Opéra VMana

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