Thursday, March 8, 2012

Chosing an American School for your Music Education?

There is always talk about heading south of the boarder for our musical education.  The thought of having the likes of Julliard or Curtis or Eastman or Indiana on our resume is very enticing.  I went that way for grad school and have no regrets!  That being said, there are many considerations.

Of course cost is a big factor but what about the teacher, the school experience, the coaches, the opportunities to sing opera...and the list goes on!  And what about the level that is at the school RIGHT NOW?!  There is a new way to hear and see what is happening at all these places and more!

The Kennedy Center has created the Conservatory Project that presents free concerts to the public featuring students from the top conservatories and universities in the country.  You can check them out at The Conservatory Project. 

Check back for further discussion on choosing an American education vs. a Canadian education but in the meantime, happy exploring!

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