Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Not your usual auditions call:

CASTING CALL FOR JERICHO-BAGDAD - deadline is this Friday!

PROJECT: shooting dramatic scenes for two feature-length ‘documentary-operas’, Jericho and Baghdad, (working titles) that explore diverse operatic idioms (from Schoenberg and Britten to the Eurovision Song Contest), to investigate issues of anti-war activism, queer identity and middle-east conflicts. Real-life characters from history and the present-day (Jean Genet, Salam Pax, Abu Nawas, James Loney)
interact with fictional characters. The films use humour and new music to investigate the complexities of recent struggles.

TEAM: Writer/Director John Greyson is a Toronto filmmaker/video artist whose Genie-winning features include Lilies, Zero Patience, The Law of Enclosures and Fig Trees. Composer David Wall has created Gemini-nominated scores for over 100 features, documentaries and TV shows. Editor Jared Raab is an award-winning director and editor whose work includes features, docs and music videos. Production
Manager Graydon Sheppard is the writer/director of several acclaimed shorts.

SHOOT: early March, 2012 in Toronto.

RATES: Non-union (equivalent to Actra TIP rates).

AUDITIONS: December 6 & 7, 2011, for both singing and acting. All roles except Hamza are singing roles, and require classically trained voices (with strong sight reading a plus). For audition, bring sheet music of prepared audition song (note: though character’s nationality is designated, singers/actors can be of any race and voice)

DEADLINE: Friday, December 2, 2011

CONTACT: send headshots and acting/singing resumes to:

JEAN GENET: 60, male, French writer, weathered, his experience of fleeting fame and notoriety behind him. Now a bit of a lost soul,
hiding his profound, yearning romanticism behind a wry melancholy.
GENERAL: 60, male, American military leader, in charge of various reconstruction projects in Baghdad. Charismatic, gently masculine, a
natural, confident leader, a dad to his soldiers
DANA: 35, female, ‘European’ executive, ruthless CEO of Sanguine Books, a multinational publishing house that is hosting the 2012
Eurovision Song Contest in Jericho. Charming and flamboyant, with razor-sharp tongue and heels to match.
WALID: 25, male, Iraqi translator (should be fluent in Arabic and English, with Arabic being first language) and inventor of peculiar clocks
and time devices. Handsome, ironic, reserved.
JAMES LONEY: 35, male, Canadian peace activist and member of Christian Peacemakers Team, held hostage in Iraq for 3 months.
SALAM PAX: 35, male, Iraqi architect, gained fame as the Baghdad Blogger during the 2003 war. Wry, ironic, both a pessimist and a
romantic, campy sense of humour.
ABU NAWAS: 40, male, Iraqi poet, renowned 8th century Arab/Persian poet and folkloric figure, famous for his saucy tributes to boys,
wine and pleasure.
HAMZA: 22, male, Palestinian tightrope walker (non-singing role). A worldly optimist, he is amused by Genet’s pessimism, and entranced
by the ironies of his own predicament, having survived burial in the desert for 8800 years.

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