Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Good and bad news in the land of Canadian Opera

I just read today about the situation at Ottawa's Opera Lyra.  Apparently they are so financially squeezed that they have had to cancel the remainder of their 2011-12 season - two full productions (of only four for the season) and thus laying off singers, stage managers, chorus, an orchestra, costumers, make up artists, and the list goes on.  In this world of constant cuts because of a depressed economy, is it any wonder that it would seem like a bleak outlook for young singers.

That all being said, on the opposite side of the coin (or the swing of the pendulum) are a whole new crop of young opera companies run by singers trying to provide opportunity to themselves and others.  I guess the old saying of "those that get the most help, help themselves" is true in this case.

So check out these upstarts for yourself...

Metro Youth Opera (Toronto)

Essential Opera (Toronto)

Wish Opera (Toronto)

Opera Kitchener (Kitchener)

The plethora of small companies in BC (and big, thriving ones too!)

Maritime Concert Opera (Nova Scotia)

I know there are MORE but these are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head....feel free to add to my list here but...the moral of the story: for every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction!


info@operadacamera.ca said...

Opera da Camera in Montreal - www.operadacamera.ca

Elizabeth McDonald said...

Thanks for your post! Looks like a great company...



Unknown said...

Thanks for linking to City Opera Vancouver's website, and connecting with our own links to the numerous community and professional companies in this part of the country. We are always happy to share the marquee.

Opera is alive and well in Canada's pacific southwest.

It must be the weather.

Charles Barber

PS: for any of your readers interested in the miracle that was Carlos Kleiber, I'm giving a free talk about him at SFU Harbourcentre, 2pm Sunday 18 March.

I knew and studied with Carlos, starting in 1989, and will be telling funny stories. Thanks!

Elizabeth McDonald said...

My pleasure! Good luck on your talk!


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