Friday, October 1, 2010


One of my favourite blogs to read is Coloratur...aah!  (yes, I've shattered glass!). A young up-and-coming coloratura soprano making it in Europe and now the US and incredibly, has been able to remain anonymous (to my knowledge) on the web.  I really love her direct, American candour about what it takes to be a singer and most recently, her rant about singing Queen of the Night. many different ways can you freak a Koenigin out right before she has to sing DER HOELLE RACHE?! The ONE aria in the show that EVERYONE knows? and the REASON that we get hired for the role? ie- the PERFECT F's! Really? You want me to enter on a revolving what? And go into what trap door halfway through the aria? With dancers underneath me making noise with props that they have to use DURING the aria? Oh- awesome, because I just thought that you wanted me to sing it without feeling like I have to throw up. That would be nice.

Check her out because I know you will laugh out loud AND get a fresh perspective on this crazy business of being a singer!

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Coloraturaaah said...

Hi there! Glad you enjoyed my writing, and happy to hold the "candid American" title around here!
All best, C

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