Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Coaching...for life!

Last week I received an interesting email from a graduate of the Bachelor of Music Program at University of Toronto.  I thought her creativity for expanding her career as well as building a niche business was inspiring. Here is what she sent me:

How Do You “Communicate To Connect”?

Are you:
  • An individual striving for increased professional and personal success?
  • An emerging professional who is developing your career?
  • A performer who seeks that ultimate “in flow” connection with your audience?
  • A team or ensemble leader who wants to empower your group to reach for extraordinary results?
  • A teacher looking for creative ways to motivate and uplift your students?

Margaret Macmillan is a musician, manager, leadership and performance coach and founder ofListen for Music! Leadership and Career Coaching who uses her creative energy, warmth and passion to build positive connections with others.  She is an Executive Coach recognized by the International Coach Federation.

“As a piano chamber musician and performance coach for many years I learned to connect with others by using intuitive listening on many levels for the expression beneath words, by building teamwork and leadership in ensemble playing and by empowering fellow musicians to overcome performance anxiety and reach for personal success.

Now I include 28 years of experience as a manager and leader in the non-profit environment to offer creative professionals an opportunity to embrace a supportive thinking partnership based on mutual trust, respect and value.  This is a positive communication experience that will support and inspire you to highlight your unique strengths, design personal strategies for success and to reach with confidence towards peak performance opportunities in all aspects of life.

Allow me to join you on your path to building strong, creative and positive connections in your life.  Convenient one-on-one telephone meetings and workshops are available.  Contact me for a complimentary consultation.”

 You can check Margaret out on the web at www.listenformusic.com

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