Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Patsy Rodenburg on the Circles of Energy

My previous post featured acting coach and author Patsy Rodenburg speaking about why she does what she does. In this clip, which is a continuation of the previous clip, she discusses the three circles of energy as written in her book The Second Circle.

While she is speaking to actors, this is completely applicable not only to operatic situations but also to the song recital platform.  Within the concept of circles of energy she talks about first circle as being in the past, or completely inward.  The opposite spectrum is third circle which is generalized energy that is pushed out and is of the future.  The second circle is the circle of being present, being aware, being an active listener.

I recently performed a recital where one particular set, that of the music of Samuel Barber, was very well received which I had found surprising.  I had managed to mangle some of the words (which were in English with the text in the program!) but after listening to this clip, I realized that I was completely engaged with the energy of the music - I don't even remember counting or thinking (probably why I forgot the words) but just allowed the sound to flow.  This is second circle and this is what engages your audience.

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