Monday, June 7, 2010

Healing our times

  I am an avid reader of many blogs including the thrilling American mezzo soprano Joyce DiDonato's blog called Yankee Diva.  Joyce is a really inspired singer and writer and seems to be able to articulate her experiences for her audience in the written word equally as well as she sings.  Yesterday she wrote about the TRUTH in her singing and linked a lecture clip of acting coach and writer Patsey Rodenburg.  I first came across Patsy Rodenburg as an undergraduate student with speaking issues (not singing!).  My teacher recommended I read "The Right to Speak" and it started me on a journey of vocal discovery that was very different but completely linked to my singing progress.  I have now started to recommend this book to my own students as it is still timely and completely truthful about how we use our speaking voices everyday!

The clip is is titled "Why I do theatre" and it could be subtitled "artists are the healers of our times....because we witness the truth".  Enjoy!


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Kim said...

I also saw this on Joyce DiDonato's blog and was touched by what Ms R had to say about actors. It is so interesting and so true. Thanks for sharing. :)

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