Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Young Artist Program: Arcady in Southwestern Ontario

Canadian Composer Ron Beckett announces the Arcady Young Artist Program

Young artists have always been at the heart of Arcady membership, stemming from the days when the ensemble supported a separate youth choir. Some of those young musicians have continued performing and are now embarking on professional careers, partly resulting from the experience and training provided by Arcady.

Arcady would like to extend this opportunity to the wider community in which it performs, especially to recent graduates who are seeking performing experience. Candidates should be between the ages of 20-35, a senior student or recent graduate of a university or conservatory, and demonstrate potential as a solo performer. Location is not a factor as Arcady performs in a variety of Toronto or Southwestern Ontario locations.

  • open to both singers and instrumentalists

  • solo performance opportunities (varies by season)

  • mentorship with seasoned local performers

  • introduction to contemporary and Baroque repertoire

  • opportunity to work with composer-in-residence

2009-2010 Season

Successful candidates will be featured as a soloist in one or several Arcady performances during the year. They also will receive a solo recital later in the season.

If interested in auditioning for the Young Artist Program for the 2009-2010 season, contact Ron Beckett at info@arcady.ca or phone 519-428-3185. Auditions are heard on a rolling basis.

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