Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What Not to Your Jury/Festival Performance

During this time of jury and festival performances, a few words to the singers out there on what NOT to wear (as observed from behind the adjudicators table):

  • strappy sandles (I can see your toe tapping!)
  • bare legs
  • short skirts showing off your bare legs, bare knees and part of your bare thighs
  • heels that are too high and that you have never sang in before!
  • yoga pants
  • cleavage (!)
  • Ugg boots
  • ball gowns

And how about some physical things:

  • be careful not to do the breast stroke with your arms while you sing
  • make sure your hair is out of your eyes - long bangs are hot right now but we want to see your EYES!
  • make a point of checking the relaxation of your hands...I know I get into some pretty funny hand-tension moments!

The bottom line? Use a mirror to practice your performance, do a run through with the shoes that you are going to wear to perform and tell us a story!

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