Monday, November 24, 2008

Queen's University School of Music goes LIVE!

Check out the new website for the School of Music at Queen's University. More information, easier to browse and way better design! Way to go Queens!


Hyperufusensitive said...

One: Rufus is not a French-Canadian but I guess his perfect French diction fooled you there (Dame Janet might learn a bit from him too...).

Two: as for the cross-genre theme, Dame Janet is welcome to cover a Rufus song any day!

Three: to each his own. Some people value technical perfection above all, others value honesty, intensity and plain guts! Who said only classically trained singers should take on Berlioz? Anyway, I was thrilled to see Rufus take on something new :)

Elizabeth McDonald said...

Hi Hyper...Rufus is indeed Canadian as well as American. The fact the he grew up in Quebec speaking french puts him to most Canadians as French Canadian.

And you are right - to each his own - my opinion is as valid as yours so I'm glad you spoke up to balance this out!

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