Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Top Ten Things To Do For Successful Procrastination

Now that the academic year is over at the University of Toronto and those of us who are contract teachers are finished with our teaching, we have time to dive into all of the things one has not put 100% effort into...including my least favourite thing to do -  practicing. 

Yes, practicing.

Let me qualify that statement.  I hate the "thinking about", "getting ready to", "learning my music" portion of  practicing.  Which is how I have become one of the most efficient procrastinators*.

So on this rainy day, here is my top ten list of things to do for successful procrastination:

10. Write a blog post;
9.   Do laundry and miscellaneous housework like clean the knife drawer;
8.  Sort your jewelry making sure that all your earrings have backings;
7.  Email all the contacts on your list to update them on your professional life (ok, this is a legitimate and smart business thing to do!)
6.  Talk to your mother;
5.  Talk to your mother-in-law;
4.  Drink more coffee;
3.  Run on the treadmill that you haven't used all winter;
2.  Rearrange the pictures of your kids around the house;

And the number one thing to help you be a successful procrastinator....shine your husband's shoes. Yes, you  know you have scraped the to-do barrel clean when you have shoe polish under your fingernails.

Good luck to all of you out there trying to get your work done....and remember young singers - DON'T do as I DO but as I SAY!

PS - I love this article about procrastination with Netflix as an example!

*for the record, this is a joke only.


Stephen Lippitt said...
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Stephen Lippitt said...

Change is easy, thinking about change is hard. Though I'm happy my shoes are polished now - thanks!

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