Monday, February 13, 2012

Scotland's Opera loss would be Canada's gain...

With all the talk of an independant Scotland, mezzo Karen Cargill has come right out and stated that she would leave for Canada should the vote support the split. reports:

ONE of Scotland’s top opera singers has said she will move out of the country if it goes independent, claiming that it would be “death for the arts in Scotland”.
Arbroath-born Karen Cargill, who has taken leading roles with Scottish Opera and on the British concert stage, said she and her husband have already agreed that they will move to his home in Canada in the event of a pro-independence vote.
“I think independence would be death for the arts in Scotland,” said the mezzo-soprano, who will make her debut with New York’s Metropolitan Opera this spring. “Because for the arts in Scotland, funding is difficult. There is an audience for classical music, but it’s very small, and we can’t deny that people travel from south of the border to attend.
“I think we’re stronger together. People know I’m Scottish, I don’t really require an independent parliament.”
Cargill added she was proud of being both British and Scottish. She said “My husband’s Canadian. We have decided that, should it come to pass, then we’re moving to Canada.”
 If Karen and her Calgary born husband head to Canada, we will be all the richer!

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Anonymous said...

As usual, another so called journalist that is more interested in headlines rather than the truth!

As is often the case with such “quotes”, the context here has been entirely missed. As someone who was present during this interview, I can assure you that Karen’s remarks were made in jest, and could never have been taken, by anyone who heard her laughing and joking over a cup of coffee, to be serious political opinion.

Iain Paterson

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