Thursday, October 20, 2011

NATS announces NATSSA

The biennial NATS Artist Award (NATSAA) competition is designed to assist singers prepared to launch a professional career and, to that end, substantial monetary and performance prizes are offered. The competition takes place every other year, in conjunction with NATS National Conferences. Preliminary competitions are held regionally, and semifinals/finals take place at the NATS National Conference. Details about the upcoming NATSAA Competition schedule are listed below. For policies, procedures, and eligibility guidelines, please see the current NATSAA application.
"Throughout its history, the purpose of this [NATSAA] competition has been to select, through a series of elimination rounds on the district, regional, and national levels, singers whose artistry indicates that they are ready for a professional career and to encourage them toward that goal with a cash prize and the opportunity for performance engagements." —Edward Baird, President of NATS, 1985-1987

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