Tuesday, September 28, 2010

And finally....Welcome Back!

Well we have made it through the first few weeks of this new university academic year so WELCOME BACK!  A special welcome to all freshmen everywhere who finding their way in a new environment with new teachers, a new school and a new place to call home for the next four years!

I am looking forward to this year in particular as I commute for the first time between two very fine but different schools - Queen's University and the University of Toronto.  Additionally, I am looking forward to an exiting blogging year. Whether you are my student or not, this blog is for you - it is the conversation that extends beyond the lesson and hopes to encourage and inspire you to listen more, attend more concerts, learn more music, ask more questions, and get MORE from your learning.

I will be keeping a regular Spotlight on Repertoire section, will post auditions and performance information and sometimes just pose questions to start a discussion.  Feel free to respond whether to agree or challenge so that we all learn MORE!

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