Friday, July 23, 2010

Lamperti: Vocal Wisdom

Giovanni Battista Lamperti's book "Vocal Wisdom" is the perfect summer reading!  Inspirational and historical it takes you back to a day of imagery and emotion in singing.  Here is an excerpt called INTROSPECTION:

Breathing and singing gymnastics are beneficial only when they impel concentrated attention.  
Mentally anticipating internal sensations of word, tone and timber, as well as interior activities that produce them leads to control of the voice.
Examining your own thoughts and feelings, while singing, until you know what is taking place in brain and body is the only procedure.
To acquire this conscious knowledge of mental and physical phenomena of song demands the utmost searching interception.
Do not listen to yourself sing!
Feel yourself sing!
When internal conditions are right and ready, the singing voice appears - not before. 

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