Thursday, December 31, 2009

Canadian tenor David Pomeroy makes last minute MET debut as Hoffman

Former COC Ensemble Member and Newfoundlander David Pomeroy posted on Facebook that he was making his last minute MET debut last night in the role of Hoffman...not only his MET debut (he was the understudy for Calleja) but his role debut to boot!

Here is a bit of a review from a google opera discussion thread:

To get it out of the way, he is about 34 or so, and though he was the understudy and performed the last two acts at the dress, this was actually his MET debut, and his role debut (!!!), and he was given notice that he was going on at 3:30 this afternoon. In other words, he had only slightly more time to get ready that he had to be on stage once the opera started. He seemed remarkably self assured - if you didn't know the circumstances, you wouldn't have guessed - except in his duets with Antonia (Netrebko), where he lost a bit of focus and was obviously more thinking about staying on the same page with her than anything else.

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