Monday, November 23, 2009

Where there are singers...

...there is going to be excited chatter and high notes!

Saturday of this past weekend was no exception! Ontario Chapter of NATS held their annual Student Auditions at York University and what a great event! Organized by Michelyn Wright with on-location coordination by Catherine Robbin, this was a smoothly run day that made it possible for singers of all levels perform in a positive environment and receive feedback from teachers working with singers at their level. Thanks to everyone who attended, sang, adjudicated and supported a singer on Saturday!

If you are interested in joining NATS, now is the time! NATS has streamlined their application process to be completely on-line. And right now is a great time for Canadian teachers to pay their dues - with our dollar at almost par, you will not only get 1 month free membership from NATS but a "discount" with the exchange rate! I urge you to join today...lets have a strong Canuck presence in Salt Lake City at the National Conference!

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Angie said...

I am subscribed to the NATS Journal of Singing and I absolutely love it!

The articles are inspiring and give much food for thought... :-)

Thank-you NATS!

From the voice of....