Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Canadian Publisher in town

On the weekend I attended the provinical NATS AGM in Toronto (thanks everyone for a great day!) and had the oppotunity to meet Brian McDonagh of Plangere Publishing.

What a great vision and a great guy...I bought the TORONTO SONG BOOK with works by John Greer, David Passmore, Colin Eatock felt like going home to be back at UofT and surrounded by these names! This is a nicely printed, well bound book that was $40 and gives a great bang for your buck. It also stays open on my piano which is a bonus!

Plangere [plän'jâ'rā]: to be struck, or moved, effected by.

I am definitely struck by Plangere and look for the Kingston Song Book next to include Clifford Crawley, John Burge, Martha Hill Duncan and more!

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s@bd said...

just bought this and am planning to sing a few things from it - it's wonderful!!

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