Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Undergraduate Programs for Voice in Canada: Queens University

'Tis the season for university applications to be finalized and submitted. Over the next few months, students will continue to polish their audition repertoire in preparation for undergraduate program audition season! Lets take a look at the various programs in Canada...

I thought we could start with smaller schools first and of course, I have to feature my own place of employment!

The Queens University School of Music has recently launched a new website. Their opening message tells it all:

Our programs have earned a reputation for being both comprehensive and flexible, allowing students to explore many of their interests. You may pursue courses in one or a combination of the following areas: theory/composition, music education, musicology/ethnomusicology, music technology and performance. It is also possible to combine music and education degrees in the very successful concurrent education program.

Queens provides a boutique music experience - you can tailor your program to suit your interests and needs and at the same time be part of the long-standing traditional undergraduate campus experience.

The voice faculty includes area coordinator and long time faculty member Carol-Lynn Reifel, soprano Dianne Baird, soprano Ewelina Kwasniewska, baritone Bruce Kelly, baritone Gregory Brookes, and myself.
In addition to studying voice as a voice major, once can take lessons for credit regardless of their program of study. I have a number of non-music and non-voice majors in my studio and find their commitment to their study to be excellent! Non-majors as well as majors must fulfill the bi-weekly studio class requirement as well as the year end jury.
Additionally there is the performance option for all majors. Once must be recommended for performance at their jury and then compete with all music students to be selected. If selected, you have the opportunity to do a recital at the end of the year in lieu of a jury and graduate with a performance degree.
Other courses that are offered include second year Lyric Diction (soon to be mandatory) and Lyric Theatre Workshop through the Conservatory program.

Queens has a thriving student run Opera Club that produces at least one show per year. Entry is by audition with the whole program run by students for students. This year they are producing Purcell's Dido and Aeneas.

Academically Queens only accepts students with a minimum high school average of 80%. Additionally once must do a successful audition for entry plus show keyboard and theory proficiency. The Concurrent Education Program is very difficult to get into with only an average of 10 spots per year (all instruments).

More information can be found on their website here or you can email me with direct voice questions at em47 (at) queensu (dot) ca.

Next program: Wilfred Laurier University

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