Friday, October 31, 2008

Why polish your "look"?

Every once in a while something comes along to get me all excited. Last week I read about Liz Parker launching her new public relations website and business and thought "cool". Then an onslaught of great facebook reminders, blog stuff, and messages started to bounce around the vitural world and voila, I was hooked by the PR buzz and all excited about October 31, the day of the launch.

Well, here it is: The website is everything it promised to be and more. Check out the stylings of soprano Laura Whalen (more to come on her soon!) and mezzo Lynne McMurtry. Not just about pictures, but writing a great bio, pulling the right press quotes and ultimately showing "who you are" to an audition panel or promoter. This is a shout out to all you singers - GET GLOSSED! It really is important.

Laura Whalen below, looks like the joyful person and singer that she is!

PR the Canadian way - congratulations Liz!


Liz said...

Wow, Elizabeth! Thank you for the vote of confidence. "GET GLOSSED"!!! I LOVE that!!! LOL

Indeed, image is important. I know people will say, "it's not everything". But if it's neglected, you will simply be passed over for the equally talented singer who DOES have it "goin' on" in the image department.

Elizabeth, I look forward to collaborating with you. I betcha we will!

All best,
Liz Parker
Foundress, LIZPR

Elizabeth McDonald said...

Glad to be of service. And yes, we WILL collaborate. I'm writing my list right now.


findingmysingingvoice said...

As a singer and a PR person who has worked in classical music, I LOVE I'm looking forward to exploring the site in depth later. (Right now I need to go to bed. Last night was a big night for us Americans!)

Thanks for sharing,
Catherine Brown

Liz said...

Hi Catherine,
Nov. 4 was a big night for Canadians, too!! I'm not sure if you're based in Canada, but here in Toronto, people were crammed in bars, restaurants, and jumping up and down in living rooms. Congratulations - it was a great day to be American!

I took a quick peek at your blog - and your intro grabbed my attention. Clearly you and I will have LOTS to talk about. I will peruse your site in more detail this weekend. I have my own singing experiences...some good, some a total exercise in horrific neurosis.

So, let's ogle each other's sites and reconvene soon! :) LOL

Liz Parker
Foundress, LIZPR

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